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All the information about the hardware used by your PC

CPU-Z is one of the most widely used programs worldwide to obtain all the information about the hardware of a PC, whether it is a laptop or a desktop. Specifically, you can get in-depth details about your processor, motherboard, RAM, and graphics card.

From the processor, you can retrieve important data, such as the model, voltage, lithography, frequency, cache memory, and socket used. Thanks to all this information, you can monitor your processor and check if, for example, the overclock or underclock settings you have modified have been applied correctly.

As for the motherboard, you can find out the exact model, the PCI-Express technology it supports, the chipset it uses, and the version of the BIOS you have installed.

As for the RAM, you can see the frequency at which it operates, the latencies, if you have applied the XMP profile, and the voltage at which each module is working. Thanks to this, you can see if you have the right performance profile applied, as well as if the overclock settings have been set. You can also find out the exact model of your RAM in case you want to buy the same modules and increase the capacity.

The graphics card model, lithography, specific GPU chip equipped, memory frequency, memory technology, and bus width can also be viewed.

In addition to detailed information about the computer's hardware, CPU-Z includes a benchmark to test the performance of your processor. This test allows you to check the processor's performance in single and multithreaded tasks. It also has a stress test to check the stability of the overclock and the maximum temperature your processor can reach.

If you want to know all the details of your PC hardware, don't hesitate to info CPU-Z.
Reviewed by Alberto GarcĂ­a Translated by Sarah Odebralski


Version compatible for 32 and 64-bit systems.

Frequent questions

What hardware data does CPU-Z let you know?

CPU-Z lets you know in-depth details of a PC's hardware, including its processor, graphics card, RAM and motherboard data. Among the available data, you can find frequencies, voltages, exact models, and much more.

Is the information provided by CPU-Z reliable?

Yes, the information provided by CPU-Z is totally reliable. You can check if you have overclocked a component properly, know the exact model number of a product, or view your motherboard's chipset to find out if you can replace the processor with a better one.

Is CPU-Z useful?

Yes, CPU-Z is a very useful software developed by the French company CPUID. CPU-Z supports most processors and motherboards on the market, thanks to which you can know the hardware data of very old or very new computers because its database is always up to date.

Is CPU-Z secure?

Yes, CPU-Z is a totally secure program. It only provides information about your computer's hardware and does not allow you to make changes to settings such as frequencies or voltages that make your system unstable. However, the Benchmark section does include a stress test that can cause your PC to reach high temperatures.

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